The Family Group Sheets represent a lifetime of research and knowledge by our late Archivist Barbara Luksanen Gill.

Each family name includes numerous documents on members of longstanding Sandwich residents. These historic documents represent only a portion of genealogical material that is available in the Sandwich Town Archives and may be used freely for personal research purposes. We simply ask that material extracted for publication be given proper accreditation/citation.

man 1Allen Family

womanBassett Family

manBourne Family

woman 1Buckley Family

man 2Burgess Family

woman 4Chadwick Family

man 3Chipman Family woman 3Crocker Family

man 5Crowell Family

woman 5Dillingham Family

man 6Eldred-Eldridge Family

woman 6Ellis Family

man 7Ewer Family

woman 7Fessenden Family

man 8Fish Family

woman 9Fisher Family

man 9Foster Family

woman 8Freeman Family

man 10Gibbs Family

woman 12Haines Family

woman 13Hall Family

man 11Hamblin Family

woman 14Hoey Family

man 12Holway Family

man 13Howland Family

womanHoxie Family

man 14Jones Family

woman 1Lawrence Family

woman 2Meiggs Family

man 15Nye Family

woman 3Perry Family

man 16Phinney Family

manPope Family

woman 4Smith Family

man 1Swift Family

woman 5Tobey Family

woman 5Weeks Family

man 4Wing Family

woman 8Donovan, Cornelius

man 15Lane, Andrew


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